Website of The European Union Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Scheme EU ETS

    Website of The European Union relating the single Union Registry

    Website of The European Union Transaction Log EUTL


    Website of The Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, who is the Competent Authority according to the DIRECTIVE 2003/87/EC

    Website of The Ministry of Industry and Trade

    Website of The Ministry of Finance


    Website of OTE, a.s., who is Registry Administrator for the Czech Republic according to the national law 695/2004

    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, from which a large number of official documents can be downloaded

    Joint Implementation Projects

    Website of the United Nations Environment Program

    Official British website on Weather and Climate (Met Office), from which one can find a large number of weather-related documents and scientific studies on climate change


    Website of Bratislava Commodity Exchange

    Website of European Energy Exchange

    Website of Intercontinental Exchange

    Website of Nord Pool