22.10.2018 13:21:46

Use of electronic seals on invoices

We would like to remind account holders that electronic invoices sent by OTE, a.s., are now electronically sealed by qualified electronic seal certificates under European Parliament and Council Regulation No. 910/2014 on Electronic Identification and Confidence in Electronic Transactions and Act No. 297/2016 Coll., on Trust Services for Electronic Transactions. Certificates are issued by the PostSignum Qualified CA 2 certification authority. For proper seal validation, this authority must be stored in the list of trusted authorities.

At the same time, a time stamp from the PostSignum Qualified CA 3 authority is added to the electronic tax documents issued by OTE.

The public parts of electronic-seals have been published at this address: http://www.ote-cr.cz/registration-and-agreements/access-to-cs-ote/konfigurace-pc?set_language=en .