20.08.2020 10:01:00

SOLVED - Unplanned outage of the Union Registry

The access to the Union Registry was suspended on 19/08/2020 for technical reasons by a decision of the European Commission. We are working on solving this issue with the highest priority.

We expect to resume business on 21 August 2020 early afternoon.

For more information please visit the website of European Commission here and here.

21 August 2020: The technical work on the Union Registry of the EU Emissions Trading System has been terminated, and the Union Registry is again open for business. Exceptionally, business hours on Friday was extended until 18h. Please see the website of European Commission.

24 August 2020: As a consequence of the outage last week, some irregularities persist in the Union Registry. Also Kyoto transactions are impacted can´t be processed. More information is on the website of European Commission.

28 August 2020: All ETS functionalities are back to normal. Kyoto transactions, however, are still impacted. More information can be found on the website of European Commission.

1 September 2020: Irregularities in the Union Registry as a consequence of the recent outage were all removed. All functionalities are back to normal. More information can be found on the website of European Commission.