Change of Authorised Representative

Procedure for a change (adding/replacing) of Authorised Representative in the Union Registry

  1. Authorised Representative to be nominated shall register him/herself in EU Login and then fill in personal details in the Union Registry to receive URID (user identifier).
    You can download the user guide here.
    The user guide for the login procedure via EU Login Mobile application is here.
  2. One from the active Authorised Representatives, after logging into Union Registry, shall make a change (adding/replacing) of Authorised Representative. He/she needs to know URID of Authorised Representative to be nominated.
    You can download the user guide here.
  3. Active Authorised Representative shall print the AR/AAR change request and let it sign by nominated Authorised Representative (certified signature) and by statutory representatives of the Account Holder.
    You can download the user guide here.
    Alternatively, it is possible to prepare a cover letter with all signatures as mentioned above and with the printed AR/AAR change request as an annex.
  4. The Account Holder shall send via post to the Registry Administrator:
    a. a printed and duly signed AR/AAR change request or a cover letter with an annex (see step 3)
    b. a copy of the ID card of nominated Authorised Representative. The Registry Administrator does not require the birth number. If provided, it could be made invisible.
    c. a certified Criminal Record statement of nominated Authorised Representative in Czech (not older than 3 months).
  5. After receiving all required documents the Registry Administrator will approve the change of Authorised Representative in Union Registry.
  6. The Registry Administrator shall send via post an Enrolment key to enter the account to Authorised Representative.