Union Registry

You can access the Union Registry homepage using the link here or the tab Login above.


1. I already have the access to the Union Registry (I am the (Additional) Authorized Representative)

For the login procedure is necessary to know login name/email, password and mobile phone number, or have a mobile device with the application EU Login Mobile.
The user guide for the login procedure is here.
The user guide for the login procedure via EU Login Mobile application is here.

2. I am already registered in the Union Registry and I have received the Enrolment key from the Registry Administrator
Login to the Union Registry as described above and enter Enrolment key when system asks you to.

3. I am new user and I want to be Authorized Representative of already opened account

The user guide for user registration is here.
The user guide for the login procedure via EU Login Mobile application is here.
How to change or add authorized representative is described on the page Change of Authorised Representative.

4. I am new user and I want to open an account
The procedure of account opening is described on the page Open an account.


  • Accounts starting with the letters EU can be used for transactions with EU allowances (EUA, EUAA), swiss allowances (CHU, CHUA) and also with eligible Kyoto units (CER and ERU). This relates to Operator Holding Account, Aircraft Operator Holding Account, Person Holding Account and Trading Account.
    You can find more information about eligibility of Kyoto units here.
  • Accounts starting with the letters CZ can be used only for transactions with Kyoto units. This relates to Former Operator Holding Account and Person Account in National Registry.
  • The Trusted Account List prevents any transfer from a holding account to an account that is not trusted. An account holder wishing to initiate a transfer to an account that is not on the trusted account list needs to open a Trading account.
    You can read more information about trusted account list here.
    Overview how transactions are approved and delayed is here.
  • The Union Registry enables not only displaying the Account Statements but also downloading them in PDF or CSV format. The user guide is available here.


  • Representatives with the access to more than one account have only one set of credentials.
  • For logging into the Union Registry and signing operations one of the following methods shall be used:
    • SMS code sent to the registered mobile phone; only one mobile phone number can be used to log in the application. The mobile phone number indicated in your personal details must be the same as the mobile phone entered in EU Login. If they are not equal, you will receive a message during the login procedure to update your mobile phone number.
    • EU Login Mobile application installed on a mobile device; a mobile device can be registered only to the one EU Login account and also user can login to the Registry using only one device.
  • At least two and no more than ninety-nine Authorized Representatives shall be nominated on each account. Moreover up to 99 Additional Authorized Representatives can be also nominated.


  • Transactions initiated from Operator Holding Accounts, Aircraft Operator Holding Accounts and Person Holding Accounts can be addressed only to the accounts defined in Trusted Account List.
    You can read more information about Trusted Account List here.
  • Transactions are initiated on working days 10:00-16:00 (CET), after the initiation there is applied a 26 hours delay before the transactions is sent for processing. Transactions initiated from Trading Account to accounts defined in Trusted Account List have an exception.
    Overview when transactions are initiated and completed is here.
    List of public holidays in Czech Republic is here. Transactions are not initiated in these days;
    List of days for transfers of allowances between the EU and Swiss emission trading registries is here.
  • Four eyes principle – the transaction is proposed by Authorised Representative and approved by Additional Authorised Representative or another Authorised Representative. Up to 99 Authorised Representatives and 99 additional Authorised Representatives can be nominated on each account.
    Overview how transactions are approved and delayed is here.
  • Serial numbers of allowances are invisible to users.
  • Transaction summary can be downloaded in the PDF format. The user guide is available here.

General Information

OTE, a.s., has been managing the Czech Emission Trading Registry under authority of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic since 2005.

The Registry keeps the accurate accounting of the issue, holding, transfer and cancellation of allowances. Allowances and Kyoto units are held on Party accounts, Operator holding accounts, Aircraft operator holding accounts, Person holding accounts or Trading Accounts. Pursuant to Act No. 383/2012 Coll., on the Terms of Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowance Trading, as amended, operators of installations holding permits issued by the Ministry of the Environment for emitting greenhouse gases are required to open an account in the Registry. This obligation is valid also to aircraft operators that are holders of an operation licence issued in the Czech Republic or are under the administration of the Czech Republic in accordance with a list of aircraft operators published by the European Commission. Any natural person or legal entity may open a Person holding account of Trading account, including an installation or aircraft operator that is already an Operator or Aircraft operator account holder.

The European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is governed by Directive No. 2003/87/EC, as amended. Since 2008 the European registries have been integrated in the global registry system under the Kyoto Protocol. Pursuant to the Commission Regulation (EU) 389/2013, as amended, each Member State is obligated to use the standardised Union Registry that also functions as the registry under the Kyoto Protocol.